25 thoughts on “2011 National Heads-Up Poker Championship Episode 5”

  1. i love sports… especially poker… talking to each other all nice and
    polite.. when you secretly want to crush your opponent’s soul

  2. @TheMagicalNobody ‘let’s look at the godaddy.com pocket cam which godaddy
    cards this godaddy girl has’…

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    makes you play properly. you can get 5 pounds from this poker site here –>

  4. i like how they say in which matches there are good players and which
    should be interesting and then show last hand of those matches.

  5. “I flopped set of deuces”. Can’t believe that Laak didn’t laught his ass
    off :DD

  6. Siedel has this smug look since he’s always calling all-ins with the best
    hand preflop, and never gets outdrawn or even a sweat flop. I want see him
    make the wrong move ala 88 wsop, just one time

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