25 thoughts on “2011 National Heads-Up Poker Championship Episode 7 HD”

  1. FFS, does it matter that Selbst does not look like a fucking BarbieDoll.
    She fucking owned Galfond and she would own all you little fuckers as well.

  2. @primo52283 what the fuck is your problem. it was his read abd his opinion.
    what makes it alright to berate his play?

  3. You should see someone. You have alot of problems in your head that you
    should discuss with a very experienced professional

  4. Phil Galfond is the best cash game player in the world… He is telling the
    truth when he said that but obviously he was making a joke. Calm down
    people. Go Galfond !

  5. Galfond is a d#ck. If he does not want to be there then don’t enter the
    tournament or forfeit so someone else who wants to be there.

  6. I really think it was a battle of egos between Phil Galfond and Vennessa.
    Trying to outplay each other deep in the tournament.

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