A Truth behind the WSOP Championship Events

To call Greg Raymer a proletarian, will be a humiliation towards the skills that Greg Raymer has visualized in the various poker tournaments and championships of WSOPs. He has grabbed the 1st cash in the poker tournaments in 1996, in a while; he has worked as the patent attorney for 9 to 5 in the Connecticut. Greg Raymer has become the terrific figure in the poker room at Foxwoods Casino and Resort. He also earned the 8 cashes which is included his victory upon the different kinds of events those were offered by Foxwoods in between 1998 & 2003.

In a limelight of 2004, Greg Raymer has proved his skills in which he caught the various cash in World Series of Poker of 2001. Nobody in the gambling world was introduced with this terrific personality of the poker world, the gentleman around the poker tables who utilized the “fossilized-rock” as the “card-cover hence” that is enveloped in the nickname as “Fossilman”.

Greg Raymer has proved his skills that he used in his ways in which he snatched the winning prize of $10,000 in the championship event that was organized by a satellite tournament on the PokerStar by defeating the strong contestants such as Dan Harrington and the top-notched professional Josh Arieh and the consequential runner up David Williams.

In 2004, a time of duration that falls upon the championship of WSOP, Greg Raymer won the largest prize money in the history of World Series of Poker which was more than $5 million. The “Fossilman” has specified ever since in which he catapulted himself into the spot on rank of profession in the world of poker. Greg Raymer also congealed his position in the history of World Series of Poker 2004 & 2005.