Andreas Hoivold

There are so many player who take years to climb to the top of the charts of the poker tournaments and there are some others who make their mark right at the beginning of their career. Andreas Hoivold is one such player whose luck goes ahead of him in terms of wins. There was one event which became the life changer for him and at the same time, he got the marry one of the most pretty poker card dealer from Las Vegas. All these events became the life changer for him and he moved on to winning and leaving his mark in the poker world.

Basically from England, Andreas Hoivold has been staying in Norway for more years than he can remember. An active sport player, he loved to participate in outdoor sports and win. Though an avid player of sports, he found his passion in one of the best indoor games which would be a great money generator in the long run. He developed his passion for the game when he watched famous players win on the television. Once he decided to try his hand at the game, there was no looking back for him. He had started playing this game at a very young age and there has been no looking back since then.

Though the started his career in the field of computers, he soon realized that would be much happier playing card games. Learning the ropes and ensuring that the games are played to be won, Andreas Hoivold started entering the live tournaments and winning the games. From one game to another, he started proving his grip on the game to the professional circuit. From one game to another, his bank balance started growing and his income from the job was nothing as compared to this.