Anne Duke is Poker’s Unforgettable Feministic Hero


Although poker is heavily dominated by men, women like Anne Duke records and potency in the game illustrates the contrary of this phenomenon. What’s even more exhilarating on her resume is her long history in the game, she started playing poker in the early 90s and has kept has continued with unwavering brilliance. She has played at the World Series of Poker, with top-20 ranking and multiple in-the-money finishes. Her impressing accomplishments have cast her to fame while she has parceled large sums at the main events. Viewed through her lens, poker is unisex and other women can take down positioned tournaments to follow her footsteps.

She was conferred the Omaha Hi-Lo World Series of Poker bracelet in 2004, emerging first among 234 players. She was also WSOP winner where she pocketed a colossal $2 million at the event’s Tournament of Champion. In the 2006 World Series of Poker, she was ranked 88th winning $51,129. In 2010, her victory at the NBC (Nationals Heads-Up) Poker Championship that gave her $500,000 further reinforced her reputation in poker. Notwithstanding her first place prize at WSOP, she has thirty-eight cashes amounting to $1,141,567, this edges her as the women’s record holder for her numerous in-the-money finishes at the World Series of Poker that ranks her thirty-fourth overall.

As of 2014, her total wins in live events amount to $4,270,000; the Global Poker Index ranks her as the 3rd highest winning lady, 2012 hitherto. She has also participated in online games, however, her winnings are insidious, but she ought to be making a killing. In view of her abovementioned winnings, she is among the world’s women superstars in the world; her accomplishments are indelible in the poker industry. If she participates in the global main events, she has a winning bent and will also parcel a sizeable jackpot.