17 thoughts on “BRAND NEW 2013 NBC National Heads-Up Championship in HD E01 Episode 1➤http://www.GetAllRakeBack.com”

  1. u know whats also peculiar. U fucking giving away the end of this whole 40 min video and even tellus their exact hands… wtf

  2. Idk wat his name is ali najah…… Put some money up dont talk like u play for that kind of stakes b4 fag

  3. Getting knocked out is good though as it is Ceasers which is a shit hole

  4. phil ivey knocked out phil laak with 77 vs. 87.. their records after the match matched their cards… phil ivey, after that match is 7-7 all time and phil laak is 8-7 in heads up play…. very peculiar

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  6. it just show, that they play like us normal players. They just got Lucky sometime in a tournement…..

  7. Laak would not play without backers. He would not be able to break freerolls on PS
    He is a joke…

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