WPT And Its Legendary Venue

The Bicycle hotel and casino where the WPT 2017 is being held is a legendary venue, having been long associated with this tournament.

Being primarily a poker card room, that is what differentiates this casino from others. It was founded way back in 1984 and is located in Bell Gardens of California. There are several poker games that are featured here such as Baccarat, Three Card Poker, Mexican Poker, Blackjack and others. The Legends of Poker was a series that was started in 1995 which is now known as World Poker Tour.

It has been associated with smuggling activities in which certain criminal complaints and raids have occurred at this casino. However, the history of the casino has been colorful because of the different incidents that have taken place here including seizure of the casino that occurred in the 1990s in April.

Poker Revenue In Pennsylvania Shows Growth

More than 225 poker tables are running and doing business in Pennsylvania.

And according to the reports, a combined $5.05 million has been collected by all 225 poker tables in the state of Pennsylvania. This is the figures that have been released by officials of the state recently.

Last year in April, the poker rooms collected $5.01 million. The year-over-year gain was approximately one percent. In the first four months, the poker rooms have collected the amount of $20.38 million, which is 1.4 percent more in comparison to last year the same period. The revenue of poker has grown in every year of this year, except the month of February, which is an exception. Talking about the yearly revenue, then in the year 2016, poker rooms collected the total amount of $58.6 million. It was nearly $1 million more than what was generated in the year 2015.

The report of each poker room and its performance

Raymer Earns WSOP Cash After 11 Years

Greg Raymer was the last former champion to be left in the 2016 WSOP main event and he was not impressed that no other former champions were there to play against him during the last few stages of the main event.

He won the World Series of Poker event in 2004 and has last cash earning at the WSOP main event was in 2005. He had to wait 11 long years to win a cash prize for this prestigious event.

Raymer recalls the 2015 WSOP main event where he missed getting to the final table after a brutal hand against Aaron Kanter. He said that he was reading a media report about that big fight during the 2016 event and remembers how both of them were fighting to enter the final table as the last champ.

Issac Baron : A Passionate Poker Player

Issac baron is a male poker player. He basically belongs to melon park, California.

He is a very passionate and a player with very much love towards the game. He is very supportive and a great player. Whenever he is playing the game he is very much concerned and very much concentrated to the game. He also has a great love towards the city which he belongs to he has very much concern and love towards his home town which is in the California. His home town is the melon park this is a very beautiful and also a very colorful city. When he began with his career in the poker he started playing here only and he had also won many titles for his city he has represented his city in a very well way.

World Poker Tournament

With the World Poker Tournament having begun in 2016, the bounty for day one has led to two wins in the books.

With a total of 142 players moving to day 2, Sunday saw considerable activity at the tournament. Gaspard or Prince of California was found to be at the top position on the leader board. The structure of the tournament has been made in a way that the one million, which is guaranteed, can be cracked easily by competent players.

Players can re enter in unlimited ways. Every pop will lead to a win of $5000 till dinner break comes on. This means that only 200 entries would be sufficient in order to breach the guarantee. The best bet event is Jacksonville Bounty Scramble. With additionally 25 bounties added with $2500 per pop the action is guaranteed to be hectic. And it proved to be so for the first initial two days of the event.