Greg Raymer- A Brief History

Greg Raymer-Professional player to play Poker
There are various games present in this world. Professional games are few which every individual wish to look playing the game. Only professional players can play a game like Poker. Poker game is a game which definitely looks for the options of playing it with ins and outs knowingly. Professional players are many, where Greg Raymer turned as a professional Poker player who has won his first bracelet in 2004. Gregory Raymer was born on June 25th 1964. Being a professional Poker, Gregory turned moving from his birthplace to Lansing. Till the age 10, he was moved to Florida.

As Fossilman:
He then graduated from Parkway South Highway School in St. Louis. Later, he enrolled himself at the University of Missouri where he turned out to be a major in Chemistry and later he turned as a member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Also, that he was graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Master’s degree in Biochemistry in the year 1989. Next to that, he was nicknamed as a Fossilman, as he has the hobby of collecting fossils. In the year 2004, Gregory turned playing this game from 2001.

It was the year 2001, where Gregory played and came in the first place in finishing the WSOP event, where it was won by Chris. In 2004 World Series, Gregory turned winning the game by defeating David Williams where the money which he earned was $5,000,000. By the year 2005, Gregory played British Poker Open, by the year 2007, Gregory turned winning his first World Championship of Online Poker where he earns bracelet for this won. By the year 2009 WSOP, Gregory placed in third place. Also in the year 2012, Gregory won the unprecedented 4 Heartland Poker Tour events. Gregory has easily won the Heartland Poker Tour Player of the year.