Greg Raymer and WSOP Final Table

We have bigger names and dark horses who are going to play together. The truth is, there is only going to be one winner at the end of the tournament. I wonder if Raymer would be playing stunts this year as the winner of WSOP 2012. This was how he began his poker game. Today, Greg Raymer has become news for those of us who are learning about the game of poker.

If you are going to be among those playing the final table in World Series of Poker, Greg Raymer should be the man you would be meeting. Analyzing his games and making sure you follow his strategy can be a motivating source of winning the big names that are going to seen around the table this November. The news is everywhere and the tension is growing but the event is on November Nine for those who are waiting like me to see Raymer

Before now he was an ordinary guy walking around the streets trying to make a living as an account. Once, there was a scandal that broker at the famous Absolute Poker because of the back doors that were built into their programs so that great players like Greg Raymer would not be able to use his money marker effect in winning. The effect of this back door is that they would be able to see the cards that the other players have thereby fleecing them of so their hard earned currency.

And this happened over a period of two years. If Greg Raymer had played here, he would be sinking his teeth in defeat.  Black Friday and many other online gambling scandals have made every player to be careful of where he or she puts his money or place bet. Sometimes, great players like Greg Raymer still lose his games woefully because of personal issues.