25 thoughts on “Greg Raymer busts Lex Veldhuis $40000 WSOP event”

  1. Announcer: say “wamboozled” again, and I will fly to vegas or wherever, find your car, and coat your windshield with axle grease. Don’t make me.

  2. @dannyoo2 LOL The typical inept comeback of a guy who has no argument and no counter to make, so he reverts to making childish (and repetitive) insults about someone’s sexuality and having the audacity to tell me to “get a life” after the initial post you made, oh the irony.

    Oh and BTW, i’m not a fan of Raymer, but judging by your level of comprehension i suppose that wouldn’t matter to you as you’ll probably respond with another useless dribble comment. Well done sir, you win the internet.

  3. @wogacelli the typical comeback from a homo raymer fanboy. I say something insulting about him, and then a gay faggot ugly ginger fanboy appears and tells :” yea but he made more money and bracelets then u ever will” I mean are you fucking serious u fucking ridiculous son of a bitch, if ur gonna reveal ur homo sexuality at LEAST be original u fucking stupid retarded cumslut, like no one else said that befire (he made more money than you ever will “get a life fucking annoying homo child

  4. @dannyoo2 Maybe so. But he is more famous and has more money than you’ll ever come close to making in your pathetic life.

  5. @hheemm hes just the latest guy to get lucky, next year you’ll be talking about some other new up coming wiz kid (another lucky kid really).


  7. Showing a bluff at the WSOP is kinda retarded. It’s a tournament not a cash game.

  8. @mattdistad when you’re at the FT, or close to it, and most have 20bb or less, sure, that’s what you’ll see… preflop poker.

  9. I love how most televised poker is basically just the best players in the world making standard all in shoves and standard calls. Zzzzz

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