17 thoughts on “Greg Raymer Instructional Video”

  1. @fghjkk01 Raymer’s whole point for how he PLAYED that hand = to talk about value-reshoving hands that are not AA/KK, but sometimes a bit less premium, but have decent equity against many of the original raiser’s hands, etc.

  2. @zeejustin6
    i don’t remember him mentioning that during the vid but even if he did, that would totally invalidate the credibility of this video. sure i was being sarcastic and snobby but he’s just not qualified at all to be an instructor, and i’m pretty sure he wasn’t playing live 400 plus bb games before he binked the ME.

  3. @jwshredderer

    well A) he plays live 400 dollar + big blind cash games…he also mentions the fact that the play he made was not the most profitable play…sarcastic youtube commenters are cute as well !!!

  4. yes, greg. jamming is profitable. however, in poker we tend to try and make the MOST profitable play lol live players are so cute.

  5. @daveygravey123456 how do you call him a donk when he is one of the best in the world. or at leasts makes a living playing poker. your the donk here idiot.

  6. I love it – making decision in 2 seconds and explaining it for seven. Does he really think so fast?

  7. Greg u just jammed fucking 100bb with AK for no reason to a opponent who made a standard 3x raise. hes only gonna call you with AA KK or QQ and thats still a flip, you fat fuck

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  9. omg get on with it greg, all u talked about was that shove with AKd. i really dot want to hear 7mins of crap. serious

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