15 thoughts on “Greg Raymer Interviewed at CPAC by Fox Business Live (02/11/2011)”

  1. If I decided to give Joe blow a million dollars it’s legal. If I gave Joe blow a million dollars for having a better hand then me in poker it’s illegal. WTF is wrong with this picture?

  2. ATTENTION: Please visit 2+2 thread “The PPA wants´╗┐ to know how this impacts you.” This has a profound impact on your law abiding, tax paying neighbors that have used poker as a legitimate money making endeavor. THIS MONEY IS USED TO SUPPORT LAW ABIDING YOUNG FAMILIES! PLEASE HELP.

    Great job Greg, you a real class act. 10/10 sir

  3. @TehGalt Of course, in recent decades the word “conservative” has come to be associated more with small government and low taxes, maybe because libertarians have chosen to align themselves with the GOP, but traditionally, “conservative” has meant enforcing traditional and “patriotic” values. It’s really a shotgun wedding between these social/cultural conservatives and small-government advocates. Liberals have always promoted and defended liberty more than conservatives.

  4. @TehGalt Yes, libertarians are more absolutist on liberty than American liberals. What I’m saying is that the freedom to play poker is not a conservative issue. Conservatives are hostile to liberty — they want to ban sexual acts between consenting adults, to restrict the rights of gay people, to punish you for buying, selling, producing or using certain drugs, to curtail freedom of expression (flag desecration, porn, etc.), to impose their religion on everybody through force of law.

  5. @AGiantSloar
    A point of clarification: -Libertarians- believe in liberty and personal freedoms. Liberals may claim to, but their actions generally indicate otherwise.

    I’m not trying to turn this into a political debate; research it yourself & decide if I’m full of it or not.

  6. She is a bimbo, and the quality of the video is even worse, but the message is clear. I am very angry that I can not get ready for the WSOP by playing in the PokerStars SCOOP. We live in a nanny state. Many other countries are now freer than we are.

  7. Conservatives believe in “traditional values,” whatever those are. Liberals believe in liberty. Obama plays poker, time for him to step up and demand that Congress passes legislation legalizing poker.

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