26 thoughts on “Greg Raymer on Fox Business News”

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  2. @america1st76 Another reason to regulate online poker is to ban senseless teens like yourself from playing

  3. @nybombs Yor right arguing with me is like praying to a cow…Go back to sleep,and sleep well…

  4. @america1st76 and cheating? Wow… How could you be any more misinformed yet still continue to ramble. Arguing with you is like praying to a fucking cow. If the Government regulate online poker, they will check if the site is legitimate. In addition, poker sites would have to pay US, yes OUR GOVERNMENT, which means TAX MONEY, through commission. If a person plays in a site that is not regulated by the US, then that would be illegal.. However, the current system doesn’t provide any provisions.

  5. @america1st76 You are a fucking idiot… You would want to regulate online poker. No fucking shit poker is regulated here in the US, I live in fucking Nevada. Many Americans ARE playing online poker right now, and the rake/money IS being sent to the isle of man (mainly pokerstars) BECAUSE “ONLINE” poker is NOT regulated HERE in the U.S. Did I make it clear enough for your dwarfish brain? I do play live poker frequently here, but online is so much more convenient, plus you can multi-table.

  6. They estimated that 20 million dollars was cheated out from players at UB.Can you imagine if online poker were legalized??The coruption would be epic! The PPA has found one of the most corupt congressman Barney Frank a man who ran or had knowledge of a gay cathouse in the basement of his washington home!You will see the corupt traitors will be 1st to line up for their money.Oh and by the way if they try to say its a game of skill..they lie,its gambling pure and simple.

  7. WRONG! POKER is regulated in the U.S in casinos all over the country.Where where it is taxed both locally and federally.Online poker is not regulated at all by the U.S..If you knew the full aspect of this issue then,how is employing americans to work in american casinos in america worse then sending billions of american dollars to the isle of man and having it taxed at a percentage?Its traitors like you sir that helps these people ruin this country.Pro player is more then winning a tourney.lmao

  8. @america1st76 The problem right now is that poker is not regulated in the U.S. And yes, I know the full aspects of this issue. If poker is regulated, the “enough money offshore” would go to the U.S., generating tax revenues. I do play live frequently, as I live in the U.S. I play poker professionally, yet I do have a second job. So claiming I think about the issue, while you have no idea what you are talking about, is senseless.

  9. @nybombs Again you keep sending your money to these online sites..Raymer is there wearing his pokerstars shirt bought and paid for..I think poker should be legal but in live rooms only.A fair game is guranteed live and taxed locally.Maybe you should take some time and actually think before you become the defender of the corrupt .I think we as Americans send enough money offshore.Maybe just maybe hiring dealers in our citys in live pkerrooms would be better.Sure would drive the teens out..lol

  10. @america1st76 um.. what the FUCK are you talking about? He’s addressing the issues regarding the UIGEA, not the horseshit you mentioned. The problem right now in the US is unregulated gambling. The law that says you can’t play online poker, yet it is illegal for banks to make transactions to online poker industries. So, there are going to be loopholes around this law, which drives teenagers to gamble and making an unsafe environment overall for other Americans who want to have a good time.

  11. What a fraud…Yes send your money offshore to a unregulated enity..Poker Players alliance is a online poker lobby..they dont give a shit about legal poker..just legal theft…Raymer is a horses ass and corrupt.

  12. 1 sec ago online poker is a offshore,unregulated enity…If you send your money off to that..Well I guess theres a sucker born every minute.Instead of empowering a billion dollar ripoff.Try to get live poker legal…We have let these people hijack real poker.
    Poker Players alliance is lobby for online poker..They dont give a danm about legal poker..just legal theft..

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  14. People can already buy state lottery tickets, sponsored by, yep, you guessed it, the government. It used to be the government didn’t want any gambling competition, now they are seeing the dollar signs. Government never met a tax it didn’t like.

  15. It’s already legal in most countries outside of the US. The idea is for it to become regulated so things like that don’t happen. I live in the US and could go on Pokerstars or Full Tilt or pick a ton of other poker sites, deposit money over and over until it is all gone with no red flags on the site. The idea is to allow it and regulate it. It would also remove any hint that another cheating scandal could happen.

  16. I can see it now, a million or so young people addicted to online gambling because it’s so easy to do. Then we will have even more people on welfare than we do now. Miss Barnet doesn’t give a damn about us, just his own arse.

  17. Roulette, too, and all other casino games should be legal in the USA! ONLINE HORSE BETTING, & FANTASY SPORT BETTING ARE STILL LEGAL IN THE USA!
    Why? Because these games have bigger odds, & thus can be played only by richer people! Thus, calling online gaming
    “immoral” in the USA is HYPOCRACY! (They don’t allow ANY gambling in Israel…very bad, but at least not hypocracy!) Math genuises r usually nice people who want only 2 help others & themselves. PPA–yay, yay, yay!!!!

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