Greg Raymer-Poker professional holding a bracelet in his hands

There are numbers of games played in this world, whereby the games are many as said, but only very few games turn giving the pleasure and also the interest too. There are also some games which don’t give you the same too. Playing games include Poker, where it’s simply the art of handling the card. Professionals play the game in a very different manner whereby Gregory Raymer is one such professional knowable for his very bracelet in his hands which he earned playing WSOP.

The player, Greg Raymer’s full name is Gregory Raymer. Greg Raymer was born on June 25th 1964. Greg Raymer was knowable for the holding of bracelet which he has won in the WSOP of 2004 Main event. Greg Raymer moved to Lansing when he was under the age 10. Greg Raymer later moved to various places multiple times. Greg Raymer attended his graduation at Parkway South High School, later which he enrolled his name in the University of Missouri-Rolla, where he did major in Chemistry. Then he earned his Master’s degree from the University of Minnesota where the degree he earned is Biochemistry in 1989.

As the Fossil man:

Later which, Greg Raymer practised Law for around a decade as a patent attorney. Legal career at pharmaceutical company was spent by him in his last 6 years in the same. He was given as the nickname as a Fossil Man which he had the very hobby of collecting the fossils where the player had a very small fossil which he uses while playing the Poker as the card protector. The player, Greg Raymer has earned the title of World Series of Poker by the year 2004 which was a $10, 000 No Limit Texas Hold’em World Championship.