25 thoughts on “Greg Raymer vs John Murphy – World Series of Poker 2004 WSOP”

  1. this is not impressive at all, he had an inside straight draw and a flush draw and he was also live to a 5 or a 3, and he figured Raymer couldn’t call an all-in with a hand like AT or A9.

  2. @the3bigreddevils go to google and type stu ungar, and read where he made an all in call with then high and guessed his opponents hand with devastating accuracy, and then come back and say that: “Sorry pal, one hand cant make no one a legend… That’s feasibly impossible even if that hand wins you the WSOP ME”

  3. @dannyoo2 Sorry pal, one hand cant make no one a legend… That’s feasibly impossible even if that hand wins you the WSOP ME.

  4. Funny when JM entered this table. Borror sez “Wow, thats some chips! What is that 600k? JM: 700. Maybe you can take on the bully. JM: Whos the bully? Four – (G Gaymer). He just won this big pot off this other guy – (Mike Matusow.) JM: I’ll teach em a lesson. MM: This guy dont look 21. Borror: Yeah maybe we can roll all these chips all over the table. Matt Savage comes to check JMs ID: JM: “I’m busted I’m busted!”

  5. Awesome play here by Murphdog here but too bad how he busted out in 13th overplaying his AK vs Matt Dean’s JJ when he could have coasted to final table

  6. check out Jimmy ‘The heat’ Montana, he goes round gambling in local shops and stores instead of paying! Very funny 🙂

  7. Hear about reference codes? Me never until one week ago I made big buck from it with no sweat atall. Just entered the code FILM with FullTilt poker and got $ 600 ! Poker was hard for me but now I got the hang of it cuz was easy to understand.

  8. Other than his 1.4million Euro bet losing on tennis, and said on the poker forums of how he’s down at least 200k in the month of July alone, his wreckless play really has ‘exploited’ to his advantage.

  9. “His hand selection is very loose” has made him lost a lot, especially on FT. After losing one million in the year 2007 (go check his blog), he lost another 796,000 in 2008. ” Gus was playing 15.5 hours straight at a Full Tilt Table, and stopped after losing a total of $796.000. The game played was Limit Omaha Hi/Lo with $2000/$4000 limits. Gus played a total of 1168 hands.” Yes he won big and major events, but his style of play has counted him a lot.

  10. And no, Gus Hansen is not a donk. I’ve seen him play wreckless and stupid, but he knows what he’s doing and he’s known for exploiting the table really well. His hand selection is very loose and he uses that to his advantage. He ranks within top 20 all-time money list and made deep runs at wsop main event twice in a row, 07/08, won several big non-wsop major events, such as wpt, aussie million, etc.

  11. I said established DONKS, not PROS. Established DONKS as in Scott Montgomery, Tiffany Michelle, Jamie Gold, Jerry Yang, Jennifer Tilly, Kristy Gazes, etc. These so-called poker players who only gained fame through incredible luck who are not likely to be known within nxt 5 years. These fools have more fame than John Murphy but yet, they’re far worse than Murphy.

  12. As in…
    Phil Ivey
    Phil Hellmuth
    Jennifer Harman
    John Junada
    Chris Ferguson
    Patrik Antonius
    Allen Cunningham…etc?
    If u mean Gus i’ll agree with you.

  13. I love the way Murphy instant all-ins. I don’t know if Murphy moved all in because he read that Raymer is bluffing or because he was depending on his semi-bluff to come through on the river but Murphy’s bluff looked very convincing. Right when Raymer finishes putting his chips in for a re-raise, Murphy instant all-ins. His timing of making that move was very good and convincing.

  14. John Murphy is one of underrated professional poker players out there. I rank this guy above any fucking established donks we see on tv nowadays.

  15. I haven’t seen much of John Murphy since this main event. I saw him on the PPT one time, but thats it. Anybody know what he’s doing?

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