22 thoughts on “Greg Raymer, WSOP Champion Discusses Online Poker Indictments. Fox Business April 19, 2011”

  1. Man, he’s smart. And I hate playing live poker. I have to dress up and actually get myself to a casino where as I can just play poker with my underwear on 🙂

  2. @hdsfer i used to work at a casino…trust me there’s alot more collusion that goes on there than online…you’re better off going to wwwlockpoker35com to get 35% rakeback and get back in the game…they’re part of merge and accepting US players at wwwlockpoker35com

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  4. @azngunit007 There’s a reason why there are famous poker players, but aren’t any famous craps or roulette players.

  5. @MrVoletron No more irony that complaining that underage players could be playing poker, while having no problem with the ETrade baby.

  6. poker isn’t even gambling. It takes skill to win. Over the long term, if you are an above average play you will come out ahead. Sure if you get it all in pre-flop with aces versus kings there is a around a 20% chance you’ll lose. but you will come out ahead in the end. It’s not really chance when you win around 4 out of 5 times. Complete bullshit from the doj. I’ve played and made a decent amount to pay for school. Now I have to get a minimum wage job that pays less than I make in an hour .

  7. fuck the stupid us government i have 6 k on my PS account cant cash out
    and now if i want to play have to drive 1 hour to the casino thank a lot assholes

  8. @MrVoletron Yeah, that’s why I included it at the end. That eSignal commercial actually aired right before the Greg Raymer segment. You can lose your entire Nest Egg day trading; but online poker is taboo?

  9. Goldman Sachs isn’t getting a share of free market businesses… time to shut em down until they get their cut.

    Hmm, sounds kind of familiar…. sort of like… the mafia? But no, our government surely doesn’t employ the same tactics are organized crime do they?!?!

  10. wp anchor man. good job sliding in that synical “Poker champion” at the end you prick. how about we sue you for being an asshole, take your bankroll, then have you fired at the same time?

    greg youre the man. class

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