Greg Raymer

Gregory Raymer was born on the 25th of June in the year of 1964. He took birth in Minot, which is located in North Dakota. he is a poker player of professional level and the nickname given to him is Fossilman. He has his claim to fame for he had won the main event in the series of world poker in the year of 2004. He lived in Lansing in MI until he was 10 for his family had moved a number of times when he was a child. He moved the area called Clearwater in Florida and there he attended the Middle School of Dunedin. After that, he went to the St. Louis in Missouri.

Gregory Raymer did his graduation from the high school of parkway south. He got himself enrolled in the Missouri-Rolla University. he was a major in chemistry and he also went to become the member of the reputed fraternity of Kappa Sigma. He had a graduation degree from the Minnesota University in the year of 1989 and his subject was biochemistry. In the year of 1992, he made another degree from the law school of the Minnesota University. he was a practitioner of law in the paternal attorney line and he served as such for more than ten years.

Gregory Raymer is called the Fossilman for he has an unusual hobby of fossil collection. to protect his cards, he uses a fossil of small size. it was in the year of 2001 that he made a finish i9n money at the series of world poker’s main event. That event had its winner in Chris Ferguson. in the main event of the world series of poker with a Texas hold’em no limit of $10000, he won a first prize amount of $5000000 by defeating David Williams.

Gregory Raymer finished in the 25th spot among 5619 entrants in the main event of the world series of poker in the year of 2005. he earned a sum of $304680. this performance in the two consecutive years of the world series of poker is considered to be one of the best in the recent history of world poker. He entered in the year of 2005 the poker open of Britain and this was filmed in the city of London. This event was the biggest event of poker in the history of Britain. His collection from this event was 20000 pounds.

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