Is Lex Veldhuis Living in dreams?

Lex Veldhuis is young poker player with focused and determined energy. According to his statement, he does not know either he is living in dream life or not. But this is the best life that he has ever imagined. Every moment is not as crazy as it seems. Poker is game of luck and his luck is doing brilliant for him. Lex Veldhuis wants to spend a healthy and focused life. It does not matter for him either he will win in future or not. But his ambitions and future is very much clear in front of him.

He enjoys every moment when he participates in championship or poker tournaments at Vegas. He always tries to utilize his full energy for poker games only. He is also playing online where he has to face lots of up and down. Everyone learns from his own mistakes. He has also learned a lot from his past mistakes.

There was a time for him when his health was degraded completely. He was playing poker for the full day and night. At that time he was suffering from insomnia, food allergies, and many other health problems. As we all know, there are few health problems that never went away. It was necessary for him to pay more attention to his health also .Then he decided to schedule accordingly. Now he is giving equal attention to his health.

He loves to participate in sports also. Because of sports, his health has been improved a lot. Today, he is enough strong for playing the long poker series or tournaments. He has become the historical player because of his hard work and dedication. He has earned several million pounds with poker tournaments. He is also popular as Full Tilt poker player. He loves to play full tilt poker whenever he gets chance to play.