Lowball is one type of a draw in the poker games, it is on the game table when lowest hand wins the pot. After each player deals with the facedown five cards, and then after next process is that of betting round. Each player is required to disclose their cards suits by betting or folding. All the players, who are still alive and still existing in the pot on completion of first round of betting they now have a chance and option to replace their hand cards with the new ones to improve their cards. This is called the draw.

Normally the game is played with single or more than single blinds, and sometimes even with the help of and ante added. Some of the betting structure allows the big blind to call on; where as other a structure requires minimum double of the open big blind. Moreover, in games like limit poker, the usual and basic structure is that of double the limit after the game is drawn. One of the most popular lowball forms is that of lowball ace-to-five and even lowball deuce-to-seven.

Rules of lowball depends on the governing rule of the particular country as lowball rules is different from country to country. The governing rules that kill the pot are different according to the section wise. In some games on the poker table, lowball ace-to-five gets name of the best hand and sometimes lowball deuce-to-seven gets name of the best hand; it depends on the cards suit hold up by the player. Before the game draw cards suit should be exposed from the game while playing game on table, usually it even depends on the rules and forum of lowball being followed on the game table. And in some games, after draw the cards suit is placed back in the game instead of expose-age of cards suits.