Markholt’s amazing career in poker world

Lee Markholt is from Tacoma, Washington and he is a Victory Poker Pro. Lee used to be a keen bull rider but he gave up that at the age of 25. Soon after that Lee discovered few of the poker books of his father and he went through them. No wonder, that Lee fell in love with poker since that time and he started developing his skill in poker games by taking part in the local card rooms besides working at his father’s meat cutting business. Pretty soon, Lee realized his potential in the game and he could make more money out of it, and then he got totally involved into the poker arena.

Markholt ended up at the 3rd place in the event, $ 5K No Limit Hold’em Championship at the L.A. Poker Classic for the money $ 31k. Lee Markholt won $ 1K tournament in the year 2002 doe $ 66k, it was held in Las Vegas. For the first time Lee made it to the final table of World Poker Tour (WPT) was in the year 2004 and he finished at 7th place for the money $ 75.5K in Borgata Open.

Within a year, Lee came up with another amazing finishing, when he got the 3rd place in $ 5K World Poker Finals for the money $ 112K. In 2008, WPT or World Poker Tour, World Poker Challenge came and Lee won that for $ 494K. After one ear, Lee followed it up with another WPT final table, where he got the 6th place in $ 9700 World Poker finals for the money $ 166K. It has been told that Markholt’s total earnings from the live tournaments, is above $ 2.5 million. Truly Lee Markholt is a name, which cannot be easily avoided in the poker world. Hid dedication, passion took him to a new level and so he is quite famous in the poker arena.