Matusow gets slowrolled

Experts suggest that it is important not to slowroll your opponent while playing online poker. “Never slowroll your opponent” is indeed one of many unwritten rules of the game. It is not only a bad etiquette but also quite damaging to the strength of the game. However, it is not that people do not slowroll. In fact such attempt might prove sometimes effective and hilarious indeed. The WSOP don’t recommend slow-rolling – and you can click here for more texas holdem tips from wsop!

Recently in a $25-$50 the hold’em cash no limit in competition as component of the Poker Night in the country  America, poker Shaun Deeb pros and Mike Matusow were kinked up in a pot. Deeb held fives while Matusow held jacks. The flop provided Deeb quads, when Matusow put his short stack in one turn, Deeb all of sudden asked for a count. He speculated over it a while then gave the calling.

Once the cards were shown, the table burst into laughter except for Matusow.

Later on in a press conference, he said, “I have never slowrolled anyone during my long career. I have always maintained the ethics of the game and made sure that I play according to the norms of the game. Slowrolls are something that I have never dealt with. This is something that spoils the spirit of the game. One has to show minimum courtesy to the game. After all you are playing a game. I have never expected something like that from Deeb. He should have been a little more sensible”. Needless to say, the incident had made him dejected. He was looking upset indeed.

He then told Deeb that given a chance a he would teach him a lesson, if it happened again.

Interestingly slowroll is not something which is new. But it is not going to let Matusow down for too long. The stakes were not that high for these groups of poker pros. For the kind information, Matusow also achieved a feat by winning a bracelet this past summer.