25 thoughts on “National Heads Up Poker Championship 2009 Episode 1 2/5”

  1. Sick Jenn vs Ivey hand. But, that’s heads up for you. Calling shoves with
    any ace in your hand.

  2. I like that they show pot size on every hand except tilly vs ivey, she had
    nothing left

  3. huge tell on chris he isntabets when he’s bluffing and takes time when he
    has something

  4. @SirRunnerBean I never claimed to be a rich donk moron. I said there are
    plenty of rich donks. Example: Lots of people who win the WSOP arn’t world
    class poker players, yet are seen as world champions if they win this.
    Again, stop trying to sound smart, your just making yourself look more and
    more ignorant.

  5. @bugdrew11189 u dumbass, its called trapping the person, making the other
    player beliv that you have a bad hand, waiting for the other player to
    raise so that he can actually earn something.. its called slow playing..u
    dont just go all in when you have Aces do you? you have to slow play it..
    its called Poker folks..

  6. matusow: you can do it phil. never bet against phil ivey i learned that
    long time ago

  7. moneymaker is such a whine ass baby, ive seen him bitching and complaining
    on stars in 50 dollar tounies… how can that lucksack complain about the
    game ?he won the main event for god sake, on pure luck, hes a fucn joke of
    a player

  8. wow, this is a a great broadcast, nbc should do more poker tournaments, and
    there should also be some more heads up tournaments, their so much more
    light hearted and fun to watch.

  9. jennifer tilly is god-awful so i would assume he had a fucking huge
    chiplead before that all-in scenario

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