Puggy Pearson

Pearson played money poker amusements anyplace he could find them, however after 1949; he advanced the thought of a freeze out competition. Finally, he and Nick “The Greek” Dandalos consolidated deliberations to acquaint the thought with Benny Binion. Dandalos later carried the thought to unbelievable money joint manager Benny Binion.

After further arguments by Amarillo Slim, Doyle Brunson and Pearson all felt that such a competition might make extraordinary side (money) amusement activity, Binion established the WSOP in the year 1970. 

Pearson finished well in poker competitions, winning his first WSOP title in 1971 in the utmost seven-card stud competition. He finalized second in the no-restriction hold’em title occasion in 1971 to Johnny Moss and 1972 to Amarillo Slim Preston, yet he won it in 1973 for $130k.

He likewise won a NLHE title and seven-card stud title in 1973. More titles as the years progressed, for example the Amarillo Slim Super bowl of poker and Annual Jack Straus World Match Play Championship, peppered his rundown of live competition fulfilments, however it was his capability to stay in the diversion, outperform in money recreations, and liven any competition stay with his bubbly identity that he took pride in. His generally attainments in the session of poker were formally distinguished in 1987 with an actuation to the Poker Hall of Fame. Pearson bit the dust on April 12, 2006.

He is best regarded as the 1973 WSOP champion. Pearson won the 1973 World Series of Poker (WSOP) fundamental occasion. He won four bracelet, two of which were in seven-card stud. Pearson was regarded as a man who might dependably search out the greatest diversion around the local area, if it was in the poker room or on the golf joins. He even claimed a RV he called the Roving Gambler, with this painted as an afterthought: Pearson was enlisted into the Poker Hall of fame in 1987. Pearson was a staple in Las Vegas poker rooms in the 1970s and 1980s. He’s the main individual showed up for have been at each World Series of Poker from its commencement in 1970 to 2005.