25 thoughts on “Revenge! Raymer Doubles Through Matusow – 2004 World Series of Poker WSOP”

  1. lol 2004 poker..241k into like 85k pot with fd. yeah, players sucked back then.

  2. @Shiplodicus You’re right about tourney play, but deep in a tournament, you need to take a few flips to make the final table. Matusow’s record shows he knows how to play a tourney. This hand is one of those moments where he feels he needs to stick his neck out and not play it safe if he wants to final table strong.

  3. @CribNotes Not really, you have to take into account you are in a tournie. Now that may mean calling is still the right deicision but if you do know what is going on then why not get most of your chips in 4 to 1 ahead rather than on a coin toss?

  4. The only thing Mike does right is his opening raise. After that he just transforms into a superdonk calling station. This is a top pro? Bring it!

  5. AAA JJJ 9 hearts and running straight outs… that makes GR the favourite when the chips go in. Strange call.

  6. by the time you count the chips in play, I’d say this was really close to a 50 50 flip, in which case both Raymer and Matusow made the right play and that’s what poker’s all about.

  7. @muckemsayuhhh18 never play poker again. you will be wasting your time and money. unless you want to play me of course lololol. i will enjoy spending the money i win from you on panties for your mom lololol

  8. @What7else oh my god u waste of human tissue just because it says raymer is favorite doesnt mean he is ahead it means he has more outs. Mike had the best hand and only way raymer could win was to HIT his card u act like Mike was the one drawing get a clue before u act like u know what yer talking about

  9. @What7else lol raymer was drawing so technically mike was ahead so him saying dont let me get unlucky wasnt wrong u douche

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