David Peter: A Hold’Em event poker player

David Peter is basically from Toledo, United States. He is very consistent player of the poker.

He has started playing poker as professionally in 2006 till the date he has achieved a very nice target in his career and he is going at his top level of the career by gaining 38th rank in poker player of the year 2015 and gain $664,605 winnings in this year. He has won total $4,905,050 career winnings, 15 career titles, 258 career cashes he has won. This is the great achievement gain by him.

He has played in various series and achieved a good target in overall career. He has won $1,245,503 career winnings, 39 careers cash and 5 final tables he has went through in World Series of poker. And $501,854 career winnings, 8 career cashes and went through 2 final tables in world poker tour, in European poker tour he has won $191,306 career winnings and 4 cashes he has won. He has not yet won any bracelet in World Series of poker and also doesn’t win any championship in both world poker tour and European poker tour.

Igor Kurganov a passion poker player

Igor Kurganov is a male poker player. His hometown is Munich. Munich is a city of the well developed nation Germany.

His country of origin that is the country which had set him to play or to show such love and passion towards the game is Germany. Igor Kurganov started playing poker from such a small and a young age. He started playing poker when he was just in the school the time in which he had to complete his school assignments and homework’s he used to play the poker game. At the school time nobody of his age group nor did his parents think that this man could achieve such achievements at such a small age at this game which is not very legal kind of game. He has won a huge amount of total casino winnings that is the total cashes in such a young age that nobody could stop him.

His total casino winnings are a huge total of amount near about $8,213,744.this is a huge amount of total casino wings these winnings encouraged him to continue with this game and prove he better and to show everyone that he can do more. In the poker game has won total 5 carrer titles which are also a god achievement in this game. His first career title was won by him when he was just at the rising age at that time he was just 20 years of age.

Natalie Ryke: A Women Poker Professional Player

She is a famous poker player who is ladies and won the Casino $23,905 at the world poker tournament.

She is a player who has made the game very challenging for all the men as well women in the game of poker. She is a player of game where she has made the game very well .she manages very well to score at each and every poker tournament she plays. She is a player who loves to make the game famous worldwide famous. The best thing of poker game is that the game she plays is very different and makes game. The poker player she is poker player and won titles. She has made the game very great in the game of poker. She has played the game very well in all series of poker game.

She is a player who has 2 cashes in the game of poker. She has played the poker game with famous poker tournament. She is a poker player who made the game very best in the game of poker. She has the win strategy to win each the game. A poker game has made the players as well poker game very huge and makes sure that you enjoy the game and win the cashes while winning the game.