Which poker game is for you?

When it comes to learning poker many new players believe that there is only one game of poker which is played, they couldn’t be further from the truth and this can be a costly mistake to make. Imagine believing that you have a winning hand only to find that the rules are slightly different and the hand you are holding is worthless. For the most part these different games of poker have very similar rules however there are some variations within them that are key to playing.

For many poker players a game of poker is what is known as ‘draw poker’. This is the classic poker game we tend to see on TV and in films; players are dealt a full hand which is completely hidden from other players. Once the hand has been dealt players try to improve upon it by swapping cards. Many poker players learn to play poker using a game of draw poker known as five card draw. Try your hand at draw poker at a poker site!

Another popular variant of poker is known as stud poker. In this game players receive a combination of cards face up and cards face down and the bet in multiple rounds. Many poker players find this game easier to master than draw poker as they can make educated guesses regarding the remainder of their opponents hand based upon their betting strategy. The most commonly played of this variant of poker is seven card stud.

The final of the three main variants of poker is community card poker. In these poker games each player receives an incomplete hand and there are a number of cards which are placed upon the table face up to be shared by other player. Many new players find these games of Texas hold ‘em more difficult than the other two types of poker as they not only have to concentrate upon their cards but also be aware of what other players are doing with the shared cards.

Each one of these poker games can be find on online casino sites such as mobilecasinocanada.ca. You can now try each one and find out which one is the best for you.