World class gambler

Greg Raymer is a biochemistry graduate staying happily with his family at North California. He is taken as WSOP champion and a person with endless redeeming qualities. It was his skills that made him world class gambler with incredible life style. The person has lucrative sponsorship with and may other poker sites. He was born in 1964 at North Dakota. His father was a retired military officer and they moved to Michigan after few years of his birth.

At the age of 11, he was busy with his studies only. After completing his school, he decided to join high schools as a chemistry student. As soon he was completed with his graduation, he earned a master degree in bio chemistry. During his graduation, he started playing poker in his spare time. As a novice player, his knowledge about poker was very much limited. He did not feel that he should improve his knowledge.

Then he tried blackjack and earn huge profit with local land based casinos. He was also working as potent lawyer in Chicago. There he worked for three years and decide to join a new job at new location. After his master degree, he started playing poker and he found it extremely interesting and profitable. Then he moved to California where he started playing poker as a regular player. His schedule was very hectic and he was not able to spend many hours in casinos.

In 2001, he participated in WSOP where he secured 12th rank and huge cash prize for himself. In 2004, he again participated in WSOP and major poker events. He was performing amazingly during play. He is also competing online to improve his poker skills. Internet is an excellent source to get immense information about poker and other gambling games. It was 2004 which was a golden year for Greg Raymer.