World Poker Tournament

With the World Poker Tournament having begun in 2016, the bounty for day one has led to two wins in the books.

With a total of 142 players moving to day 2, Sunday saw considerable activity at the tournament. Gaspard or Prince of California was found to be at the top position on the leader board. The structure of the tournament has been made in a way that the one million, which is guaranteed, can be cracked easily by competent players.

Players can re enter in unlimited ways. Every pop will lead to a win of $5000 till dinner break comes on. This means that only 200 entries would be sufficient in order to breach the guarantee. The best bet event is Jacksonville Bounty Scramble. With additionally 25 bounties added with $2500 per pop the action is guaranteed to be hectic. And it proved to be so for the first initial two days of the event.

Day 1A was on Friday when there were a total of 163 players who participated. The one million guarantees were almost reached by the first day itself. Gaspard was able to accumulate a stack of chips about 300,000 or more by that night. However, he was unable to double up against an opponent by the time the closing came by at night. He however retained his leadership position on the leader board. This also earned him about $5000 in bonus amount. Those who took part in Day 1A took a break the next day, which were about 59 players. The second day saw several new players hitting the table on Saturday. There were 163 entries on the first day and 117 entries on the second day. The total entries easily crushed the guarantee for the day. The Jacksonville Bounty Scramble proved to be a hit after all, the number crunching was completed.