22 thoughts on “World Series of Poker 2004 Tournament of champions Pt08”

  1. Good on Annie!

    Always hilarious to see certain guys with ego’s for days turn into whining
    sniveling punks when they get their butts handed to them! LOL

  2. They shouldn’t allow two players in the same familly to play unless its a
    normal tournament where both of them make the final table. But Annie Duke &
    her brother Howard swindled and embezled milions and millions of dollars
    from online poker players. And I bet in a tournament like this half the
    money is going to Howard cause i believe her & her brother know what each
    has every hand. some elite level signaling going on with those two. I’m
    with Daniel Neg. she can go fuck herself

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  4. She is by far one of the most hated ppl in poker. She can’t even play in
    these events anymore because noone likes her. She is scum. Two faced and
    all the bad baggage that goes with it. Sorry to break the news. I used to
    think she was cool too.

  5. From the moment the K 10 was turned over to the end… 16 censor beeps. Oh
    Phil you provide me with such humor.

  6. Couldn’t have happened to a better person. And that applies to both, though
    in different ways.

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