25 thoughts on “World Series of Poker 2009 (WSOP) 40k main event final table ep1 part 2”

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  6. When_creating_a_new_account_at_Full_Tilt-Poker_use_the_Referral_Code:FTUS600_for_a_600$_sign_up_bonus

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  9. at 5:50 , how does he have six outs? I count seven outs. Th Tc Jd Jc Qh Qd Qc.
    I didn’t see any of those cards folded.

  10. Is that a jokerstars flop or what?
    Or online poker flop? lol
    Jeez wiz lol
    Anyway i’m proud that i don’t play online poker anymore only live

  11. all different events … omaha,stud,limit hold em, no limit hold em , horse, etc.. and all different buy ins from $500 to $40,000 but mostly $1500 events i think. there was a $40,000 event this year and the main event is the last event with a buy in of $10,000 and way more people than the other events.. this year was like 6,800 people or somin in main event

  12. Sorry to bother you with this but one more thing:

    what’s the difference between the events? the buy-in? and which one is the main event?

  13. nope… u get one by winning any wsop event which they have like 50 or so of every year in vegas during the summer

  14. like best player of the tornument that kinda thing and main events like the $2000 limit hold em

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