25 thoughts on “World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2009 40k main event final table ep2 part 2”

  1. this is not the main event. it is a special $40,000 buy-in for the 40th anniversary of the wsop.


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  4. I actually think he’s quite a good player. He’s a bit nitty but he seems to pick his spots very well.

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  12. @flygo6796
    Lol.. lets play soon my full tilt username = zalco4221 😀

    And its official
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  13. you actually don’t get a $600 bonus… you have to play a ton of poker and pay a lot of rake to “earn” it- which 99% of people don’t have the time or bankroll to do. it’s a deceptive ploy to get you to deposit

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  16. Ever hear about bonuscodes? I haven’t until a week ago I made big buck from it with no sweat atall. Just entered the code FILM with FullTiltPoker and got $ 600 ! Poker was a challenge for me but now I got the hang of it cuz was easy to understand.

  17. its easy to play the nuts….the point is to have the balls to raise with 25 soooooted…
    and play the hand out even if you whiffed it…Luck favors the backbone not the wishbone

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