24 thoughts on “World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2009 40k main event final table ep2 part 3”

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  3. raymer SUCKKSSSSSSSSS..he always stares down his opponent..and then pushes. idiot. ive seen this same play numerous times.

  4. @lawkarta4217
    Lmao. can we play tomorrow my FTP name = fadvan3982 =)

    And yep
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  5. no need to push, you just call the raise, and play the flop, kid would fold with anything higher up, if not, you only lose a small amount.. bad move.. brain fart syndorme..

  6. that 5-5 call was a retarded call… good thing it cost him the tournament… fucking wannabe superman

  7. LOL @ all these dumbarse comments from people that don’t know how to play shorthanded poker. Don’t criticise these pros if you don’t know what you’re talking about…

  8. lol you guys dont know how to play poker thats insane 55 is a good hand to push all in and hope is going to fold if he dont he will probably have as q or something like thatreturn to fulltilt academy kid lol

  9. he is an idiot. short table or not, even agianst two over cards the best he is is even money (50/50). an easy fold, no problemn

  10. Hes such an idiot how do you push all in with pocket 5s, all that hard work to go all in with 5s instead of playing poker. Hes an Idiot

  11. wth…. I was just watching the begining of this on ESPN and now I see the final table on Youtube. Sucks, but i’m glad raymer is out. WEIRDO!!!!

  12. this kind of all in moves whit hands like K7 and then a the call whit pocket 5s looks like the microlimits of internet.. lol

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