25 thoughts on “World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2009 40k main event final table ep2 part 4”

  1. Dude it is a fucking joke, this political correctness has destroyed the country you jew.

  2. hêh_í_sigñèd_ùp_ât_fùll_tìlt_pøkër

  3. @fadith0707
    Nice… Ok I will hook you up my FTP name = hunberry8787 =]

    And its been confirmed
    Full Tilt Poker recently announced on their FB fanpage that new players can now go to FTPs website, then sign up for a account with the code AMERICAS.
    It’s a pretty amazing promotional deal. They will DOUBLE your first deposit oh and multiple other nice perks. Sucks but it’s only gonna work for the first 3500 people that register usin this

  4. the guy is just kidding. if people knew more about the commentator they would know. Thats just the way he is. He makes comments but he is just kidding. He isnt racist at all he just doesnt look at the comments as racist but funny.

  5. racist? what is he calling him a cracker? calling him a commie/dirty russian or whatever is inappropriate but not racist

  6. The people saying Haxton is a terrible player must only be basing that on this video? Because admittedly he made a bad play going all in with the K3 but he played well in the tournament as a whole and fully deserved his place in the final two.

  7. Thankyou so much for posting this.

    Btw, who is this idiot commentator constantly making references about Russia? Doesn’t he realise the cold war ended about 20 years ago?

  8. Did anyone catch the ticker? Did you notice that Brett Favre has told the Vikings he is going to stay retired. Ha.

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