25 thoughts on “World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2009 40k main event final table ep2 part 5”

  1. @draviva4591
    Lmao. can we play soon my FTP username is dalkag3130 =)

    And yep
    Ya might have saw people talkin all over their FB walls that you could now sign up using the code AMERICAS at Full Tilt Pokers web site.
    Great method to start out with some easy money to get better with. They will double your first deposit + a few other nice perks. Sadly limited to the first 3000 players that sign up using this

  2. haxton is one of the whorst players i know,don’t understand how he reach the final table.fuck poker it’s only luck

  3. I find it kinda odd how Haxton got this far…It even more odd that it seems all these poker “prodigies” are friends or are in association with people from Full Tilt and Poker Stars…Not an online poker is rigged conspiracy theory however the more i see people only playing 20-30 tournies(on-line) and cashing 50k plus, really brings to question if there are super user accounts at work…

  4. haxton is a terrible poker player.. he thinks that everytime someone checks, they have nothing.. and that gives him an excuse to go all in. I hope I play this clown someday.. i’m pretty damn sure I will cream him.

  5. , I play poker for a living and have done so successfully for the past 12 months. I dont play huge stakes but I play high enough to earn a good living and eventually I hope to play high stakes. My point is that while its not me on tv (yet) I think that im qualified enough to comment on some of haxtons play. haxton is not a fish and he is not the worst player ever, I was the worst player ever 2 years ago lol, but haxton made a few shocking moves. i bet bonomo strangled him!!

  6. On the first hand he lost…so if he would’ve had the ability to step back from that one …

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