12 thoughts on “World Series of Poker WSOP 2009 Ep.02 – 5 cardplayertube.com”

  1. My last big bad beat was 88 in my hand, 686 – the flop. I played almost pot size bet. He ( QTo ) reraised me all-in. I, of course, called that. On the turn and river came 6 and 6. Full house against garbage came into Q high quads of 6. THATS A BAD BEAT! Played at FullTilt.

  2. @sarpus1807
    Lmao, Okay I am going to hook you up my full tilt poker ID = tolruski4543 🙂

    And yeah
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  3. wow, that is exactly the way i ended up losing a head up in one of my first tournaments ever played.

    I had AA and the other guy had 7 9
    i checked preflop and he went all in

    he catched a 7 on the flop and a 9 on the river
    my biggest fucking bad beat ever

  4. Haxton is such a fucking pretentious idiot. His mannerism is laughable. You see one at every tbl, acting pro.Making some donkiest all-in moves

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