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  1. haxton did play better than lunkin, lunkin had better spots to put his money in, hes really good but he needs cards to play, do not analyse a tournament just with the images you see on tv.

    pd: lunkin made some amazing 4bets and 3bets, he’s tight, but he also knows when an opponnet his trying to explote that.

  2. Waht about u? How many WSOP bracelets have u won ?

    When Haxton call, he might thinks that if Lunkin goes all in, it’s because he’s afraid of the diamonds, so he could have the nut flush draw with his 3d, and also try to catch a second pair or a trip 8.

    Haxton also have around 30BB left. So, if he can make a move and double up, having 8 3, a pair and a flush draw against AA, and be in a 50/50 situation… well it could be worst…!!!
    So, Haxton’s call is not a bad call, but a great move.

  3. there is a condo building, panorama towers, where a lot of pro poker players live, Haxton’s friend but a lot of people that someone that lives int eh building will bring home a braclet.

  4. Give the kid a break, he’s made at least one world series final table for the last three years, he’s got to be doing something right.

  5. i dont even know what Haxton is doing playing on this table..all in with bullshit hands..and this last one, flush draw with a 3…what do you expect

  6. I just feel bad for Haxton’s buddy. Haxton let his friend down, those are some sick prop bets, at least his buddy can still win it if someone else takes a bracelet.

  7. lunkin is a legend he deserved to win this…norman chad’s comment of bonomo bein one step from a support crew was HILARIOUS

  8. Haxton played the final table amazingly well, as soon as he got heads up, he was like a different player. He played every hand awful, and tried to bluff every hand by going all in. When a tight player like lunkin, re-raises you post flop, raises again pre-flop, you can be pretty certain your Q8 is no good.

  9. Agreed. Lunkin was playing way better than Haxton. If Haxton would have won it would have been from pure luck.

  10. lol Raymer was my favorite and he gambled with 50BB deep, I understand they played 3 handed but still… grr.. And then so many sick beats and total shockers, Russian Lunkin played way better and always had Haxton dominated. Glad he won in the end. 😀

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