4 thoughts on “World Series of Poker WSOP 2009 Ep.11 – 4 cardplayertube.com”

  1. @millonlo0383
    Haha… Lets play 1 on 1 my FTP name is ispdu3751 =)

    And yeah
    Ya might have seen people sharin all over their FB walls currently ya can make a account with the code SPECIALS at Full Tilt Pokers web site.
    I think its the preferred way for a new player to start with a nice bank roll.. Make a deposit and they DOUBLE it oh and a couple other awesome perks. Sadly limited to the first 4000 players that register using it

  2. how can you make that call with a flush when 2 pair on the board and 2 guy bets i dont,GET IT

  3. Jason Alexander DOES deliver those lines just as good now as he did 18 years ago (18 years!!). I’m getting old.

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