WPT And Its Legendary Venue

The Bicycle hotel and casino where the WPT 2017 is being held is a legendary venue, having been long associated with this tournament.

Being primarily a poker card room, that is what differentiates this casino from others. It was founded way back in 1984 and is located in Bell Gardens of California. There are several poker games that are featured here such as Baccarat, Three Card Poker, Mexican Poker, Blackjack and others. The Legends of Poker was a series that was started in 1995 which is now known as World Poker Tour.

It has been associated with smuggling activities in which certain criminal complaints and raids have occurred at this casino. However, the history of the casino has been colorful because of the different incidents that have taken place here including seizure of the casino that occurred in the 1990s in April.

However, today in the new millennium and after decades have passed, The Bicycle casino holds a legendary position when it comes to poker games and the WPT tournament that is held annually.

There have been certain new initiatives at the Bike which is what the hotel and casino is known as in short. It started to broadcast poker games live over the internet and was the first brick and mortar casino to do so. The current WPT season is on from August 25th to 31st with $4000 as the buy in amount. Currently the main events are on along with options for players and fans to choose accommodation at the venue if they wish to. The final table event will be broadcasted live on August 31st and that is something that is much awaited. PokerGo will be showcasing the live online broadcast. There is much that is abuzz about the event and the venue this week and it will continue till the weekend as well.