25 thoughts on “WSOP 2004 – Final Table – Greg Raymer vs Mattias Andersson”

  1. lol poor guy, he was jumping since the beg of the hand like if he would had the hand won already. 4 to 1 is still vulnerable

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  3. well he asked for “no ten” and he got none, so he shudv been more specific to the “poker gods”

  4. exactly. you see it good when raymer plays.. runner runner straight, runner runner flush, running full house.. who ever has an incredible run will win. its not about skilss nowadays its about luck.

  5. This is probably the only game in the world where you can do everything right and still lose.

  6. @Dead25m Hej, haha jepp du får åka till disneyland, Inte helt säker men har för mig att det var där han hade köpt dem. Han köpte dem precis innan turneringen. haha “river dance” ! Tack i alla fall! Du får kolla in min hemsida som snart dyker upp.

  7. Well, too bad he lost it to that ass Raymer, with his stupid glasses. Those things should be forbidden.

  8. lol your the only donk with a comment like that. look at the chip stacks, it is an easy call

  9. Isåfall måste jag säga att jag verkligen gillar din “River-Dance” haha ^^ Så jävla skön… 🙂

  10. Så jag måste åka ända till Disney Land för att få glasögona? herregud :O… Aja 😉 Alltså du är den riktiga Mattias Andersson va? 🙂

  11. @Dead25m lol yes! Me too! I want to get them. he told me he buy them at disneyland if i dont recal it wrong. I wear them for one hand. lol I loved them! Did not want to give them back to him.

  12. @calahoon22 I was also lucky at one point in the tournament. So what goes comes around. Its ok!

  13. @qWeer0ne Im sure he did that because we had been playing for so long time and Greg had tried to take me out a lot of times with lot of big moves. And when he calls me he finds out im so far ahead. I think he did because he tried to get me so many times and keep failing. He is a great player.

  14. @bacardipardy Hi, im Mattias and i understand what you say. Its ok. I know how it looks. It looks even to me a bit irritating. But i was just anxious. lol Good luck.

  15. @girlie347 Hi! Well i just noticed your comment, Im Mattias and would like to say that i would not have pushed with A3. I had a small stack but i usally have that kind of stack at final tables. When i won my seat i was the smallest stack at the final table. Had to win the tournament to get my seat. I know if i double up there with Ak i have a great chance to win tournament. But i was unlucky and that is part of poker. But Greg did nothing bad really,he is a great player! One day i be back.

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