6 thoughts on “WSOP 2012: Greg Raymer”

  1. Greg with that gut and lifesyle you won’t make it 40 years.. odds are
    you’ll never see sixty…

  2. You’re right – she did make day 2. I just remembered some other interview
    where she said that she didn’t spend any time thinking about poker other
    than when she was working. And, just to be clear, since I’ve seen some
    people comment that if she doesn’t like poker she shouldn’t report on it –
    I don’t think it’s necessary for her to like poker to report on it. I just
    thought it was an odd comment. But maybe she has started liking it.

  3. she made it to day two of the womans event this year i think……. but
    dont quote me on the event, but i know i have see her playing this year in
    the smaller events

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